Butterfly Cord Holder Wrap

$ 7.00

Butterfly Cord Holder, Butterfly Earbud Holder, Butterfly Ear Bud Wrap, Earphone Holder, 70 Colors!

Stop searching for your ear buds or power cords when you're out. They wrap nicely around this cord wrap, safely tucked away.

Choose your Vinson’s color from the drop down box below.

It's made from one layer of vinyl, a layer of felt and a KAM snap keeps this closed.

I can customize the snap and stitching for you, just let me know in the comments at purchase. If you don't specify different colors, I'll send it as shown.

Earbuds not included.

If you would like a personalized ear bud holder, check out my listing https://www.whileelliedreams.com/listing/524020879/personalized-ear-bud-holder-earbud